As with most popular air con manufacturers, Samsung air conditioners can be found in ducted and split system variants. A useful and cost-efficient way to cool your home during summer and to keep it pleasant and soothing in wintertime, Samsung ducted air conditioning units are made to save the space. Current split system flagship products that proudly reveal Samsung trademark is the intelligent series air conditioners. So exactly what essentially makes these air con machines so intelligent?

At its easiest the intelligent feature allows you to control quite a few aspects of your a/c remotely utilising your appropriate mobile device which means that you don’t require being at home for it to function. All that you need is a smart phone with an internet or Wi-Fi coverage and a mobile device application that you can find from the phone manufacturer’s apps store.

Smart phone application along with the remote control will enable you to regulate several parts of your Samsung air conditioner such as setting the timer, the fan velocity, daylight cooling or silent option. Using these gadgets you can not only set the temperature range but see the present temperature inside the house.

Samsung split system air conditioner devices have a further head turning function and that is sleep mode. It manages desirable settings for when you are about to snooze, when you are sleeping and for whenever you wake up in the morning. Add to that, auto restart, turbo cooling, water fall heating and four fan speeds and you can see why Samsung is calling these appliances intelligent series – keeping things straightforward while giving new improvement in functionality.

Introduced as D’Light cool mode is also is well worth talking about that does something somewhat amazing. This function records each the temperature and the humidity in the room and it as a result makes an assessment of both of these and even if the required temperature is attained, the unit continues to dehumidify until eventually a comfortable index stage is arrived at – this is referred to as the comfort zone which is an appropriate area condition for your body system.

Should the humidity or temperature shift in the day it will promptly make realignment. This can be especially helpful during some of the more balmy summer months where sleep often is a problem.

So why be uncomfortable within your own residence when there is a ready made answer with D’Light feature on Samsung’s intelligent series of air conditioning units. Broad choice of their ducted ac units are listed on their website, however you can always ring your a/c installation service provider who is going to find the best product for your circumstances.

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