Although not the most advertised air conditioning manufacturer in Australia, Mitsubishi air con models are globe leaders in durability, quietness and low energy requirement. This brand has long been in existence domestically for many decades now and also has validated track record of operating well in the tough Australian climatic environment.

Ultra-quiet and Power efficient Split Systems

Domestic split system air con of this brand name are created to cool or heat small and mid-sized zones and the great new series units bring flexible, energy-efficient and affordable air conditioning solution for your residence. Additionally they say to have some of the quietest interior device operation inside of the field, as silent as 19dB. This was accomplished by intelligent technological developments such as the multi-angled heat exchanger, larger sized fan dimension with adapted fin contour which permits more suitable air-flow volume to be pushed at lower than usual rates.

A split system air conditioner that does this measure of quiet operation is the reverse cycle inverter MSZ-GE model air con which typically varies from 2.5 kW to 8 kW in strength output. These devices present an elegant smart form, high efficiency as a result of the inverter technology, i-save Mode, silent action and a straightforward to remove filter to produce a quick clean.

As with the majority of various other makers in the marketplace, Mitsubishi Electric has a series of what they refer to as multi-head split system air conditioners which supply better versatility allowing for as many as 8 interior units to be coupled with just one outdoor unit. The biggest plus of these is that the inside units aren’t confined to just your typical split system wall mounted design but may also be ducted, floor affixed or possibly ceiling cassette style and all of these can have different capacities to suit your needs.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi air conditioner in ducted variation will improve your living surroundings supplying ultimate peace of mind. With these air con appliances, climate control is at the touch of a button. This good regarded brand name will ensure cosy times for you personally and your friends and family in winter period and clean cold air flow throughout summer season since each of the products are reverse cycle.

Typically the most popular choice when it comes to home and light commercial air conditioning are PEA-RP140/170/200WJA – 14~19 kW units. Alongside being reverse cycle (heating and cooling), these ducted air conditioner units are full power inverters providing them the added energy efficiency in comparison to non-inverter varieties. Inverter technology varies the system outcome constantly to sustain the ideal living environment.

Together with its silent, power efficient and robust function, Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioners are lightweight as well as compact providing simple installation even inside the tight ceiling space.

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