Home air conditioning is an important part of your home improvement equation when looking to add value to your house be it a brand new build or an existing dwelling. This is why especially if you live in king of the world’s favourite location being Sydney NSW, it is a must to have a split system or even better a ducted air conditioning installed in you home. Why? With temperatures in the world rising and Australia being part of the warm climate that it warming up so they tell us – you have to have one of these a/c systems installed.

Air conditioning types

There really are 3 or 4 major types of air conditioning systems available depending on how you look at it as there are combination of 2 or more of these models as you will discover below.

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is by far the most comprehensive approach to heating or cooling your whole home. The major advantage is that you will be able to keep your house cool in summer and nice and warm during those winter months. You are able to do this in a distributed fashion where you’ll be able to control temperature separately as these systems come with separate and independently controlled zones where you don’t have to have the a/c blowing in the whole home if you’re only spending your day in the lounge for example.
ducted air conditioning
You can then switch the sitting room area off and turn on the cooling or heating in your bedrooms when you are ready to retire for the day. You whole family will appreciate this type of air conditioning solution for you home. The only draw back with this type of solution is that it is the most expensive to install and can cost more in electricity when compared to other less comprehensive solutions. However as you’ll find out, you get what you pay for as ducted air will most definitely give you the best comfort possible.

Split system air conditioners

The next best heating cooling and ventilation solution for your home is split system air conditioning also called ductless hvac. This type of a/c can be installed in as small area as one room and in as large installation as the whole home. This is where the next sub-type of a/c comes into play which is multi-split air conditioners where you may have one or more outdoor units feeding 2 or more indoor units that you see on the wall as below.
split system air conditionerYour air conditioning installation company will advise you the best solution for your home however it is best that you understand what’s available as it is you how is ultimately making a decision when it comes to purchasing the cooling and heating system.

Portable room air conditioners

portable room air conditioner
The third and most inefficient type of air conditioning available for your home is a portable type. Here, you really only get what you pay for as these systems will set you back only about $500 and will typically cool one room. Installation requirement is minimal where you will have to run a conduit already provided outside for the unit to be able to suck the new air in from outside. You will have to make a hole in your window or a balcony sliding door to stick this pipe through for the aircon to function properly. Another thing with these is that they are not reverse cycle meaning that they can only blow cool air and for the heating in winter you would have to get yourself a separate heating solution.

Which a/c do I pick for my home?

The only 2 serious contenders to be considered for your home air conditioning are really ducted central air and ductless or split systems and we recommend you watch this video below and also browse for more that will help you pick one for your house.

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